Who Is KBR?

The NonProfit Solutions Shop was founded to serve the unique needs of nonprofit organizations of all sizes.  By providing services such as grant writing, event design and direction, website design, social media assistance, print and electronic newsletters and general consulting, clients moved toward greater brand awareness and financial stability.  Early in 2012, The NonProfit Solutions Shop began working with Solutions Simplified and Delta Blue Technologies to provide donor management customization and other technology services to their clients and offering their services to the Delta Blue/Solutions Simplified clients.

Over the course of the next year, these collaborative efforts proved to be very well received and successful for clients of all three companies.  In order to consolidate all staff and resources of The NonProfit Solutions Shop, Delta Blue Technologies and Solutions Simplified, the decision was made to form KBR Strategies, LLC.  With this new entity, businesses and nonprofit organizations have a “one stop shop” for all fundraising, marketing, technology and event needs they have.  KBR Strategies has adopted a unique approach to providing these services as follows:

  • All service offerings are available on an “a la carte” basis, which gives organizations to get the specific assistance they need at just the time it is needed.
  • Organizations may also purchase a KBR Strategies “membership” which provides a predetermined amount of hours each month to be used for any combination of services that are currently needed and other marketing and networking benefits.
  • Fees for services provided by KBR Strategies are charged on a “per project” basis or via the monthly consulting model.  All fees are based on an hourly charge and KBR Strategies never takes a percentage of revenue spent by businesses or donations received by nonprofit organizations. This enables even the smallest business or nonprofit organization the ability to get the assistance they need.

For more information on how KBR Strategies, LLC can help your organization, contact us today.  We are happy to provide pricing on individual services, KBR Strategies memberships and references upon request.